The International Health Policy and Practice Innovations program will evaluate how health systems in other countries responded to COVID-19, with the goal of identifying lessons and models for U.S. health system leaders to adopt. The project also will point to policy options that would support U.S. adoption of these international models. The three-phased approach will seek to: 1. Engage U.S. health care leaders and key policy influencers to identify the delivery system issues and research questions that would most benefit from international insights. 2. Identify and vet effective and innovative research approaches to addressing those delivery system issues with international experts. 3. Solicit research projects from potential grantees possessing the appropriate capabilities and expertise to yield useful insights for a U.S. audience. We anticipate that this research will focus on topics such as delivery system resource capacity, care access and affordability, use of digital technologies, outcomes related to COVID-19 (e.g., morbidity and mortality), equity, and long-term planning. As appropriate, project proposals with be sought from invited applicants or a targeted request for proposals, with the goal of attracting new grantees to produce a body of work that capitalizes on the international program’s expertise in seeking lessons from abroad.