This authorization will support the following evaluation and learning projects: 1. Tools to Track Media and Social Media Attention and Contributions to Policy and Practice Change: We will continue to the contract with Altmetric, LLC. which provides a cost‐effective way to view real‐time updates of the attention given to our published work by systematically tracking media, social media, and policy documents citations of Fund publications and other types of research generated by Fund staff, grantees, and Harkness Fellows. 2. Fund Demographic Survey: Conducted by Center for Effective Philanthropy, this survey gathers demographic data from the Fund’s staff, grantees, board members, and fellowship alumni. The data collected will help assess the Fund’s diversity, equity, and inclusion needs. 3. Staff Engagement Survey: Conducted by Center for Effective Philanthropy biannually since 2005, this survey gathers information about the Fund’s work environment and allows us to compare Fund staff views on overall job satisfaction and on the workplace environment with staff from 50 peer organizations. Survey is planned for May/June 2021. 4. Staff Learning: Develop Opportunities to Strengthen and Further Embed a Culture of Learning, Reflection, Transparency and Inclusion at the Fund: Working with Tonya Woodland, we will consider various organizations (FSG, Fourth Quadrant Partners, Center for Appreciative Inquiry, and others) and consider different approaches (appreciative inquiry, reflective practice , emergent learning, before and after action review, and others) to develop group and 1-1 learning opportunities for staff. 5. Support for Evaluation and Program Assessment- TCC Group: Continue to work with Jared Raynor to provide evaluative support to staff. Activities include using a collaborative approach to developing logic models for various initiatives (Health Equity Fund, DEI work), and using program evaluation frameworks as needed (for example, Fellowship evaluations).