Westat's David Radley will continue to serve as senior study director, overseeing health system tracking activities. For the next edition of the state scorecard, slated for May or June 2022, Radley will update core health system metrics, including those drawing from state-level data that reflect experiences during the pandemic, and possibly after. Continuing work started in 2020, Radley also will lead the development of a new state-level health care equity report that will rank states on racial and ethnic disparities in health care access and quality as well as on health outcomes. In 2021, the Fund will help deepen the public’s understanding of the medium to longer-term impacts of the pandemic. Radley will work with other senior Fund staff to establish a series of research products focused on assessing the impact of the pandemic in the United States, focusing on changes in the way people access care, the way care is delivered, and the health status and outcomes of people who live in the hardest-hit communities. To the extent possible, these efforts will examine the impact of varying state policy approaches to dealing with the pandemic. Finally, Radley will provide analytic and production support for the Fund’s new Medicare data hub, an online resource for information on trends in Medicare enrollment, benefits, and costs.