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Dale Bramley

2003-04 Harkness Fellow General manager for funding and planning Waitemata District Health Board (DHB), Auckland

Harkness Project Title: Indigenous Disparities in Health Status: A Cross-Country Comparison of New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States

Mentor: Mark R. Chassin, M.D.

Placement: Mount Sinai-New York University Medical Center and Health System

Biography at time of Harkness Fellowship: Dale Bramley, a 2003-04 Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice, is general manager for funding and planning at the Waitemata District Health Board (DHB), Auckland, New Zealand. Bramley is also a senior lecturer in public health for the School of Population Health at the University of Auckland. His research interests including cardiovascular health gain at a population level including risk screening and assessment, disparities in health for indigenous peoples and clinical interventions to reduce health inequalities. Bramley is a member of several national advisory committees including the National Ethics Advisory Committee, which has responsibility for providing advice to the Minister of Health on ethical issues of national significance in the health and disability sector.

Project: Bramley investigated disparities in health status among indigenous peoples in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S., the ways in which these are documented and tracked, and the policy approaches to reducing these disparities.  He used available indicators of health outcomes, preventive services, modifiable risk factors, and treatment services in each country, and collaborated with country experts to interpret the results and analyze each country’s policy responses. 

Career Activity Since Fellowship

  • CEO, Waitemata District Health Board, 2011
  • General Manager Planning and Funding, Waitemata District Health Board, 2007
  • Member, New Zealand National Health Committee, 2007-2010
  • Member, National Public Health Advisory Committee for the Ministry of Health, 2007-2010
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer in Public Health, University of Auckland, 2003

Current Position: CEO, Waitemata District Health Board. (Updated 1/2014)

E-Mail: [email protected]

Selected Publications

Neuwelt P, Crengle S, Cormack D, McLeod M, Bramley D. General practice ethnicity data: evaluation of a tool. J Prim Health Care, 2014.

Sandiford P, Salvetto M, Bramley D, Wong S, Johnson L. The effect of Māori ethnicity misclassification on cervical screening coverage. N Z Med J , 2013.

Taylor HE, Bramley DE. An analysis of the readability of patient information and consent forms used in research studies in anaesthesia in Australia and New Zealand. Anaesth Intensive Care, 2012.

Robinson T, Elley CR, Wells S, Robinson E, Kenealy T, Pylypchuk R, Bramley D,  Arroll B, Crengle S, Riddell T, Ameratunga S, Metcalf P, Drury PL. New Zealand Diabetes Cohort Study cardiovascular risk score for people with Type 2 diabetes:  validation in the PREDICT cohort. J Prim Health Care, 2012.

Sandiford P, Mosquera D, Bramley D. Ethnic inequalities in incidence, survival and mortality from abdominal aortic aneurysm in New Zealand. J Epidemiol Community Health, 2012.

Cullen J, Bramley D, Armstrong D, Butler L, Rouse P, Ashton T. Increasing productivity, reducing cost and improving quality in elective surgery in New Zealand: the Waitemata District Health Board joint arthroplasty pilot. Intern Med J, 2012.

Ashton T, Bramley D, Armstrong D. Improving the productivity of elective surgery through a new ‘package of care.’ Health Policy, 2012.

Whittaker R, Dorey E, Bramley D, Bullen C, Denny S, Elley CR, Maddison R, McRobbie H, Parag V, Rodgers A, Salmon P. A theory-based video messaging mobile phone intervention for smoking cessation: randomized controlled trial. J Med Internet Res, 2011.

Cullen J, Bramley D, Armstrong D, Butler L, Rouse P, Ashton T. Increasing productivity, reducing cost and improving quality in elective surgery in New Zealand: the Waitemata District Health Board joint arthroplasty pilot. Intern Med J, 2012.

Hosking J, Ameratunga S, Bramley D, Crengle S. Reducing ethnic disparities in the quality of trauma care: an important research gap. Annuals of Surgery, 2011.

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Bramley D, Latimer S.  The  accuracy of ethnicity data in primary care.  N Z Med J , 2007.

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