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Jannelle Warren-Findley

Assistant Professor and Co-director
Graduate Program in Public History
Arizona State University

"My project has examined policies and practices related to heritage management in the U.S. and New Zealand. I have been based at the Historical Branch of the Department of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. I worked with the Historic Places Trust, the Department of Conservation and others who work in the heritage or cultural resource management sector. I have made several major presentations in New Zealand, including one at the inaugural Public History Conference in Wellington. I expect to continue the study when I return to the U.S., in order to carry the comparative focus back into areas of North American practice."

"The Axford Fellowship allows fellows to use their expertise from the very first day they arrive. By placing us in the structures concerned with the topics we study, we gain immediate access to every level of government and expertise in New Zealand. In addition, my mentors were particularly thoughtful about introducing me to people and to situations that might not have seemed obvious in the beginning but that proved exceedingly helpful to the study."

Latest Publications by Jannelle Warren-Findley

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