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Marie Bismark

2004-05 Harkness Fellow Legal Adviser & Researcher Health & Disability Commissioner (Wellington)

Harkness Project Title: Relations Between Adverse Events, Complaints and No-Fault Compensation Claims in New Zealand

Mentors: Troyen Brennan, MD, JD, PhD, Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School, and David Studdert, LL.B., Sc.D., M.P.H., Harvard School of Public Health Ph.D.

Placement: Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health

Biography at time of Harkness Fellowship: Marie Bismark, a 2004–05 Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy, is a doctor and lawyer from New Zealand who works at the interface between law, medicine and healthcare policy. During her fellowship, her landmark research explored alternatives to medical malpractice litigation, with a particular focus on healthcare mediation and no-fault compensation. Bismark is currently direct of New Zealand's No-Fault Accident Compensation Scheme and is also a senior solicitor with Buddle Findlay, a leading New Zealand law firm. She has previously practiced as a medical doctor in several New Zealand hospitals, served as a legal advisor to the New Zealand Health and Disability Commissioner, and taught at Otago Medical School and Victoria University Faculty of Law. Bismark serves on the Wellington Law Society's Ethics Committee and the New Zealand Law Society's Health Law Committee.

Project: Bismark’s project examined “no-fault” systems for compensating patients injured due to an adverse medical event, such as exists in New Zealand.  Specifically, she determined the proportion of eligible New Zealand patients who claim compensation, and the socioeconomic characteristics of those who do not claim compensation.  A national dataset of compensation claims was linked with adverse event data from the New Zealand Quality of Healthcare Study. Probabilistic matching of these two datasets permitted estimation of how frequently adverse events, as determined by a team of physician reviewers, led to compensation claims.

Career Activity Since Fellowship:
  • Registrar, Orygen Youth Health, 2016
  • Chair, Veterans' Health Advisory Panel (NZ), 2014
  • Non-Executive Director, Sommerset Group Holdings Ltd., 2013
  • Non-Executive Director, GMHBA, 2013
  • Director, Youth and Well Cooperative Research Centre, 2011
  • Associate Professor, University of Melbourne, 2010
  • Council Member / Deputy President, Family Planning - Positive Sexual Health, 2010
  • Director, Family Planning Victoria, 2013
  • Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Health Policy Programs & Economics, University of Melbourne School of Population Health
  • Chair of the Board, New Zealand Dispute Resolution Services Ltd, 2009
  • Member, Ministerial Advisory Panel on Veteran’s Health, 2009
  • Institute of Director’s Aspiring Director Award, 20007-08
  • Distinguished Practitioner in Residence, Bond University, 2007
  • Director, Accident Compensation Corporation, 2007
  • Board Member, New Zealand's No-fault Accident Compensation Scheme, 2007
  • Appointed Member, Bioethics Council, 2007-09
  • Consultant in Health Law, Buddle Findlay, 2006
  • Public HealthRegistrar, 2006

  • Current Positions:
  • Registrar, Orygen Youth Health
  • Associate Professor and Head of Law and Public Health Group, University of Melbourne
  • Chair, Veterans' Health Advisory Panel (NZ)
  • Non-Executive Director, Sommerset Group Holdings Ltd.
  • Non-Executive Director, GMHBA
  • Director, Youth and Well Cooperative Research Centre

  • E-Mail:
    [email protected]

    Selected Publications

    Bismark MM, Studdert DM. Governance of quality of care: a qualitative study of health service boards in Victoria, Australia. BMJ Qual Saf 2013 Dec 10.

    Bismark MM, Walter SJ, Studdert DM. The role of boards in clinical governance: activities and attitudes among members of public health service boards in Victoria. Aust Health Rev 2013 Nov;37(5):682-7.

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    Bismark MM, Gogos AJ, McCombe D, Clark RB, Gruen RL, Studdert DM. Legal dIsputes over  informed consent for cosmetic procedures: a descriptive study of negligence claims and  Complaints in Australia. J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg 2012 Nov;65(11):1506-12.

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