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Peter Hockey

2007-08 Harkness Fellow Harkness/Health Foundation Fellow Deputy Medical Director and Head of Research and Evaluation NHS South Central


Harkness Project Title: Determinants of Quality in High and Poor Performing U.S. Hospitals: A View from Frontline Physicians

Mentors: David Bates, M.D. and James Conway, M.S.

Placement: Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Biography at time of Harkness Fellowship: Peter Hockey, M.B.B.Ch., M.D., F.R.C.P., a 2007–08 Commonwealth Fund Harkness/Health Foundation Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice, is medical director of Hampshire Primary Care Trust (West) and consultant in Respiratory and General Medicine at Southampton University Hospitals Trust. He has a particular interest in patient safety and chairs his organization's Clinical Incident Review Group and Audit and Clinical Effectiveness Committee. In 2000, Hockey was appointed as consultant physician and reorganized the provision of care for patients in Southampton with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease working with a private sector provider to deliver intensive home care. More recently he was clinical lead for a unique whole-hospital scheme in the New Forest whereby a private sector provider was appointed to provide non-elective care to NHS patients. He is closely involved with the Wessex Institute in delivering a leadership and service improvement program to medical trainees and serves as an advisor to NHS London on the impact of new European Union legislation on healthcare in the U.K. He has published in journals such as the European Respiratory Journal, Journal of Applied Physiology, and Respiratory Research. Hockey holds a bachelor's of Medicine and Surgery from the University of the Witwatersand, Johannesburg, and a doctorate of medicine from the University of Southampton in 2003, and he recently completed the Harvard Business School Extensive Education Program in Health Care Delivery.


Project: Peter Hockey explored the views of frontline physicians as to what they perceived were key determinants of quality in their organizations, with a particular focus on the roles of physician engagement and organizational attributes.  He conducted interviews with frontline physicians working in five different hospitals with high and low quality outcomes on their views about quality and important attributes in delivering high quality care.


Career Activity Since Fellowship

  • Postgraduate Dean, Health Education England (Wessex), 2016
  • Clinical Services Director, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, 2014
  • Deputy Postgraduate Dean, Wessex Deanery, Health Education Wessex, 2012
  • Deputy Medical Director, NHS South Central, 2009
  • Head of Research and Development, Leadership Development Team, NHS South Central, 2008

Current Positions:

  • Postgraduate Dean, Health Education England (Wessex)
  • Clinical Services Director, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

E-mail: [email protected]

Selected Publications

Trebble TM, Cruickshank L, Hockey PM, Heyworth N, Powell T, Clarke N. Individual performance review in hospital practice: the development of a framework and evaluation of doctors' attitudes to its value and implementation. BMJ Qual Saf. 2013 Nov;22(11):948-55.

Rozenblum R, Lisby M, Hockey PM, Levtzion-Korach O, Salzberg CA, Efrati N, Lipsitz S, Bates DW. The patient satisfaction chasm: the gap between hospital management and frontline clinicians. BMJ Qual Saf. 2013 Mar;22(3):242-50.

Rozenblum R, Donzé J, Hockey PM, Guzdar E, Labuzetta MA, Zimlichman E, Bates DW. The impact of medical informatics on patient satisfaction: a USA-based literature review. Int J Med Inform. 2013 Mar;82(3):141-58.

Gilbert A, Hockey P, Vaithianathan R, Curzen N, Lees P. “Perceptions of junior doctors in the NHS about their training: results of a regional questionnaire.” BMJ Qual Saf. 2012 Mar;21(3):234-8.

Exworthy M, Hockey P, Gilbert A. “The teacher and the cop: the role of 'private space' in increasingly transparent clinical practice.” J Health Serv Res Policy. 2012 Jan;17(1):60-2.

Rozenblum R, Lisby M, Hockey PM, Levtizion-Korach O, Salzberg CA, Lipsitz S, Bates DW. “Uncovering the blind spot of patient satisfaction: an international survey.” BMJ Qual Saf. 2011 Nov;20(11):959-65.

Lewis GH, Vaithianathan R, Hockey PM, Hirst G, Bagian JP. “Counter-heroism, Common Knowledge, and Ergonomics: Concepts from Aviation that Could Improve Patient Safety.” Milbank Quarterly 2011; 89(1).

Hockey PM, Bates DW, “Physicians’ Identification of Factors Associated with Quality in High- and Low-Performing Hospitals,” Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety May 2010; 36(6):217-23.


Hockey PM, Marshall MN. “Doctors and quality improvement.” J R Soc Med. 2009 May;102(5):173-6. 

Vaithianathan R, Hockey PM, Moore TJ, Bates DW, “Iatrogenic Effects of Coxibs in the US Population: Findings from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey,” Drug Safety, 2009;32(4):335-43.

Lewis GD, Hockey PM, “Faux Papers and Trojan Horses: buying your way into peer-reviewed journals,” (Letter) BMJ 2008; 25th May Rapid Response