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Steven Counsell

Indiana University (IU) Geriatrics Program
IU Center for Aging Research
Indiana University School of Medicine

Steven R. Counsell is the Mary Elizabeth Mitchell Professor in Geriatrics, director of the Indiana University (IU) Geriatrics Program, and a scientist at the IU Center for Aging Research, Indiana University School of Medicine. His primary area of research is in the study of hospital and ambulatory care provided to vulnerable elders and the impact of multi-component interventions on quality of care, functional status, and resource utilization. He holds a medical degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Project: Dr. Counsell's project explores innovative models for providing and coordinating care for older adults in Australia. His project objectives include comparing and contrasting Australian and U.S. models of primary health care for older adults that integrate care with geriatric medicine, acute care, and/or community-based long-term care services. His mentor is Professor Len Gray, Director of the Academic Unit in Geriatric medicine at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Queensland.


Latest Publications by Steven Counsell

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