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Valerie Hepburn

President and Professor of Public Policy
College of Costal Georgia

Dr. Valerie Hepburn became the fourth president of the College of Coastal Georgia in February 2009, after having served in an interim capacity for eight months. She holds a faculty appointment as professor of public policy. Before her move to Coastal Georgia, Dr. Hepburn held faculty and administrative appointments at the College of Public Health at the University of Georgia and the Institute of Public Health at Georgia State University. She was Associate Director of the Institute of Public Health during her Packer Policy fellowship. Prior to her academic service, Dr. Hepburn spent more than 20 years in senior leadership positions with state health, financing and regulatory agencies. She continues to work with public officials on health planning, education and resource allocation issues.

Project: Hepburn's project analyzed comparative health workforce planning and policy issues, specifically related to education, financing and regulation. She was based at the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, Health Workforce Branch, and the Regulatory Institutions Network at Australian National University and continues to collaborate with colleagues in Australia on health workforce planning and other public health issues.

Highlights: The Packer Fellowship is an incredible experience and life-changing in terms of perspective and exposure. I learned a great deal from my research and have established strong ties that will continue well into the future.

Publications: VA Hepburn, J Healy. "Stakeholders' Perspectives on Health Workforce Policy Reform." Australian Health Review. 2007.


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