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How Will the Trump Administration’s Upcoming Rules Change the ACA Marketplaces in 2019, and What Will the Changes Mean for Consumers Who Rely on the Market for Insurance?

Commonwealth Fund Briefing

On April 6, the Commonwealth Fund held a teleconference for reporters and policymakers previewing the Trump administration's soon-to-be-released new rules affecting the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) insurance reforms and marketplaces.

On the call, moderated by the Fund’s Sara Collins, health insurance experts Sabrina Corlette of Georgetown University and Matthew Fiedler of the Brookings Institution detailed the rules’ expected changes to the ACA’s essential health benefits standards, provisions affecting the value of insurance coverage, and the processes by which consumers enroll in the health insurance marketplaces. They also described the impacts the rule changes could have on consumers, and took reporters’ questions. 

A recording is available below. 

Administration Rules Change Teleconference Recording



Publication Details

Publication Date: April 6, 2018
Contact: Mary Mahon, Former Vice President, Public Information, The Commonwealth Fund