This project will fund technical assistance for six communities so that they can join Cleveland, Waco, and Albany, and be ready to implement the Collaborative Approach to Public Good Investment (CAPGI) model by early 2022. The team will continue to teach (and often, reteach) the model to people with decision-making power in stakeholder organizations. They will do this at a conceptual level first by explaining the economics of CAPGI, and then by working through the business case templates they developed and ROIs for interventions. Furthermore, they will work with the stakeholders and the trusted broker in these communities on designing potential rigorous evaluations of their social determinants of health (SDOH) interventions. Additional support will depend on community needs. The project also will continue to share learnings broadly and build upon the widespread national interest in the CAPGI model to inform the larger delivery system, payer, policy, and research communities about how to assemble and manage community coalitions and leverage collaborative financing.