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Enabling Partnerships to Build Cost- and Outcomes-Driven Results at Greater Scale, Phase 2

Grantee Organization

Nonprofit Finance Fund

Principal Investigator

Kristin Giantris


8/1/19 - 1/31/21

Award Amount


Approval Date

Led by the Nonprofit Finance Fund, a leading national community development financial institution, phase 2 will support HCO–CBO partnerships seeking to address health-related social needs by providing technical assistance for using the Fund's ROI Calculator and addressing information gaps that arise. Specifically, the team will: 1) advance the use, evolution, and adoption of the ROI Calculator to accelerate selected partnerships identified in phase 1 to contract status; 2) codify, replicate, and scale this approach among additional partnerships and users; 3) collect data on costs and ROI ranges for social service interventions, health care utilization impacts, sustainable payment models, and partnership contracting best practices; and 4) promote the calculator to ensure broader use.

Grant Details

Publication Date: October 15, 2019