The health policy journal Health Affairs will produce at least five blog posts and one webinar to share lessons learned on providing high-quality, patient-centered care for adults with complex health and social needs. The blog posts will feature a range of diverse perspectives on relevant and timely topics, such as integration of medical and social services, adaptation to care models in response to COVID-19, and impact of recent policy changes on provision of care for high-need patients. Authors will include health policy experts, thought leaders, providers, and potentially staff from the 7 Foundation Collaborative. The webinar, moderated by Health Affairs’ editor-in-chief Alan Weil, will extend the care delivery and policy issues raised in the blog series. This project is timely for a number of reasons: COVID-19 has highlighted the vulnerabilities facing high-need patients, thereby increasing interest in improving their care; several grantees have released new findings or lessons over the past two years that could be drawn on and disseminated through the journal; and the 7F Collaborative agreed to enhance its focus on policy, which Health Affairs can help facilitate.