The 10 Most Popular Commonwealth Fund Publications of 2011

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<p>The first year of the Affordable Care Act rollout was a busy one in which a number of health insurance and delivery system regulations were released and new provisions took effect. An estimated 2.5 million young adults gained insurance coverage. Nine states passed legislation to create health insurance exchanges, or signed legislation signaling an intent to establish or study state exchanges. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation launched a host of initiatives to reduce costs and improve health care quality. And more than 2.2 million Medicare Part D enrollees received prescription drug discounts. </p><p>During this time, The Commonwealth Fund continued to track health system performance, monitor health insurance premium trends, conduct international comparisons, and offer guidance on health reform implementation. Join us as we review the <a href="/publications/publication/2011/dec/10-most-popular-commonwealth-fund-publications-2011">10 most popular Fund publications</a> released in 2011, as well as the most popular blog posts of the year. </p>
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