2017 Federal and State Marketplace Trends Show Value of Outreach

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<p>Health plan signups through the federal health insurance marketplace declined for the first time following the fourth open enrollment period that ended earlier this year. In the state-based marketplaces, meanwhile, enrollment varied. In a new <em>To the Point</em> post, Georgetown University’s Emily Curran, Sabrina Corlette, Kevin Lucia, and Justin Giovannelli compare outreach and enrollment in the federal and state-based marketplaces in 2017. </p><p>As the new administration pushed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it also made a last-minute $5 million cut to outreach funding for the federal marketplace. But state-based marketplaces took a different approach, with several boosting their outreach efforts and identifying short-term solutions to cost increases. These include Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Washington—all of which experienced double-digit enrollment increases. </p>

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