The ACA at Seven Years: Reflecting on Progress in Coverage and Access

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<p>The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law seven years ago today. Since the law’s health insurance expansions went into effect, millions of Americans have gained affordable coverage as well as improved access to needed care.</p><p>Today the House of Representatives may vote on a bill that would undo much of this progress. Rather than building on the successes of the ACA, the legislation would—according to the Congressional Budget Office and others—put health insurance and health care out of reach for millions of people once again. Visit our ACA Repeal Debate page for research and analysis on the ACA, as well as information on the impact of repeal-and-replacement proposals, including: </p>
<li>A brief on how ACA repeal will affect Medicaid enrollment and care delivery</li>
<li>A look at how the ACA has helped improve health care coverage and access rates in Kentucky</li>
<li>An interactive map demonstrating the state-by-state impact of health reform repeal on employment. </li>
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