Accountable Care: What It Takes

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<p>How ready are U.S. hospitals and health systems to form accountable care organizations? </p><p>In the <a href="/publications/fund-reports/2012/dec/measuring-progress-toward-accountable-care">second report</a> in their series, Eugene Kroch and colleagues from the Premier Research Institute discuss results from 59 hospital-based organizations that were members of a recent collaborative created to support the transition to accountable care. </p>
<p>In assessing the organizations on 42 capabilities, the Commonwealth Fund–supported researchers find that the overall state of readiness for accountable care is modest, with several characteristics appearing to be associated with greater readiness to become an ACO. Among these are a strong patient-centered focus, full or partial ownership of a health insurance plan, and positive relationships with providers in the market. </p>
<p>Visit to read <a href="/publications/fund-reports/2012/dec/measuring-progress-toward-accountable-care">Measuring Progress Toward Accountable Care</a>. And be sure to stay tuned for details on an upcoming Commonwealth Fund webinar in which the authors will discuss the state of accountable care, and where it's headed. </p>