Affordable Care Act Resources from The Commonwealth Fund

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<p>With enrollment in the health insurance marketplaces beginning tomorrow, millions of uninsured or underinsured Americans will be able to sign up for affordable, comprehensive health plans. The Commonwealth Fund has a number of resources providing valuable background and insight on the Affordable Care Act, including: </p><p><a href="~/link.aspx?_id=C80C8EC1299A42C7BDBD2677D1C94873&_z=z">State Participation in the Affordable Care Act's Expansion of Medicaid Eligibility <br />
</a>Use our interactive map to see which states are expanding Medicaid, pursuing a customized expansion, not expanding, or are undecided. Also see the impact of the expansion of Medicaid eligibility on the uninsured in each state. </p>
<p><a href="~/link.aspx?_id=12838A3B138F456D8AC955E4202C70E6&_z=z">State Action to Establish Health Insurance Marketplaces <br />
</a>Use this interactive map to see what states are doing, or not doing, to implement health insurance marketplaces, and to view key aspects of state-run marketplaces. </p>
<p><a href="… the Health Insurance Exchanges: An Interactive Tool <br />
</a>Interact with this fun tool to explore how the state health insurance marketplaces, or exchanges, will work for individuals, families, and small businesses. An animated navigator will guide you through different paths to coverage based on your selections. </p>
<p><a href="~/link.aspx?_id=9B4EC3E4A71F457280D4CB62F713DCFC&_z=z">The Health Reform Resource Center: What’s in the Affordable Care Act? <br />
</a>Check out our timeline for an overview of the Affordable Care Act's major provisions or use the "Find Health Reform Provisions" tool to search for specific provisions by year, category, and/or stakeholder group. </p>
<p>Visit <a href=""></a> for these tools and many publications on the health reform law. </p>