Amid Market Uncertainty, Trump Administration Retreats from Health Plan Oversight

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<p>Trump administration actions—such as threats to eliminate payment for cost-sharing subsidies—are affecting how the Affordable Care Act marketplaces are functioning just a few months ahead of 2018 open enrollment. Georgetown University’s Justin Giovannelli and Kevin Lucia say other moves have flown largely under the radar—but shouldn’t. </p><p>In a new post on <em>To the Point,</em> the authors highlight recent regulatory actions that reduce federal oversight of marketplace health plans, passing responsibility to the states for ensuring compliance with federal consumer protections. Such protections include ensuring a plan’s health provider network is adequate.</p>
<p>These actions, the authors say, “suggest a broader deregulatory approach that could weaken oversight at a time when insurers face pressure to mitigate risk by designing plans attractive only to those in good health.”</p> Read the post