Apply Now to the Mongan Commonwealth Fund Fellowship Program in Minority Health Policy

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<p>In the U.S., vulnerable populations, including people with low income, the uninsured, and disadvantaged minority groups, have greater difficulty obtaining health care, receive worse care, and experience poorer outcomes than other groups. </p><p>To help close this divide, The Commonwealth Fund supports training for physician leaders dedicated to creating high-performance health systems for vulnerable populations through the Mongan Commonwealth Fund Fellowship Program in Minority Health Policy. Currently, the fellowship is accepting applicants for its 2014–15 class. </p>
<p>In a <a href="/blog/2013/apply-now-mongan-commonwealth-fund-fellowship-program-minority-health-policy">new blog post,</a> Commonwealth Fund vice president Pamela Riley, M.D, explains how the program works and what candidates can expect to learn and experience. At the heart of the fellowship is a one-year intensive academic program that leads to a master of public health degree at the Harvard School of Public Health, or, for individuals already possessing an M.P.H., a master of public administration degree at the Harvard Kennedy School. </p>
<p>Read the complete post and learn how to apply on <a href="/newsletter/ealert/apply-now-mongan-commonwealth-fund-fellowship-program-minority-health-policy"></a></p>