Better Care at Lower Cost: Is It Possible?

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<p>Evidence continues to pour in that America's sky-high health care spending is not only unsustainable, it isn't making us any healthier either—especially compared with other advanced countries. But what are we to do about it? </p><p><drupal-entity data-embed-button="media_browser" data-entity-embed-display="media_image" data-entity-type="media" data-entity-uuid="99d05e0d-a4d7-4480-8182-de280d6d0a03"></drupal-entity>In <a href="/publications/publication/2013/nov/better-care-lower-cost-it-possible">Better Care at Lower Cost: Is It Possible?,</a> we examine the sources of high costs in the United States, the obstacles to getting them under control, and the promising public and private efforts under way to uncover the pathway to high-value health care. </p>
<p>The publication is part of The Commonwealth Fund's <a href="/publications/publication/2013/jun/health-reform-you-new-publication-series">Health Reform & You</a> series, geared to provide non-experts with an understanding of the many transformations occurring in our health care system today. We encourage you to share these publications with your friends, family, and colleagues. </p>
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