Beyond Medicine: Fixing the System for the Complex Patient

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<p>Earlier this week, The Commonwealth Fund and the POLITICO Pro Health Care team held a dynamic conversation about the relationship between our health care system and high-need, high-cost patients.</p><p>Speakers explored questions such as: How do we connect medical and social services to help bridge gaps in care? What are the government and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) doing, and what does research show? Will integration ultimately reduce costs?</p>
<p>Featured speakers were: Gretchen Alkema, Vice President, Policy and Communications, The SCAN Foundation; Katherine Hayes, Director of Health Policy, Bipartisan Policy Center; Bruce Leff, Director, Center on Aging and Health, Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Medicine; and Kate Diaz Vickery, Clinician-Investigator and Associate Director, Center for Patient and Provider Experience, Hennepin County Medical Center.</p> View the video