Bringing Accountable Care to the Safety Net: A New Case Study

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<p>A coalition of 10 community health centers in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area recently formed one of the nation’s first safety-net accountable care organizations—the Federally Qualified Health Center Urban Health Network, or FUHN, which seeks to provide higher-quality, lower-cost care to some 23,000 Medicaid beneficiaries. </p><p>In a new <a href="/publications/case-study/2013/oct/establishing-coalition-pursue-accountable-care-safety-net-case">Commonwealth Fund case study,</a> researchers at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice describe the origins and development of FUHN, the strategies and processes it established to work toward cost and quality benchmarks, and the challenges it faces in pursuing a care delivery model based on collaboration. Under their three-year ACO contract, the participating health centers will be collectively held accountable for meeting performance benchmarks for their Medicaid patient populations, and the coalition will be eligible to share in any savings achieved. </p>
<p>Visit <a href="/publications/case-study/2013/oct/establishing-coalition-pursue-accountable-care-safety-net-case"></a> to read more about this leader in accountable care for vulnerable populations. </p>