Building Medical Homes: Lessons from Eight States

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<p>A number of states are engaging public and private payers in the design of medical home programs to achieve better health outcomes, improve patient experience, and lower health care costs in their public health insurance programs. </p>
<p>In a <a href="/publications/fund-reports/2011/dec/building-medical-homes-lessons-eight-states-emerging-programs">new report</a> from the National Academy for State Health Policy and The Commonwealth Fund, Neva Kaye, Jason Buxbaum, and Mary Takach profile eight states that are taking different routes to developing and implementing medical home programs for Medicaid and CHIP enrollees. Each of the states—Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Texas, and Virginia—has played critical roles in convening stakeholders, helping physician practices improve their performance, and addressing antitrust concerns that arise when multiple payers join together. </p>
<p>The report demonstrates that even in the face of unprecedented budget constraints, states can move forward with their plans to bolster primary care and ensure maximum value for their health care dollars. <br /></p>