Can an Indian Model for Low-Cost Specialty Care Go Global?

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<p>One of the largest chains of multispecialty hospitals in India, Narayana Health is a prime example of a “frugal innovation” that yields high-quality health care at comparatively low cost. With demand for surgical services related to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and orthopedic conditions among the top drivers of U.S. health spending, the model may appeal to health insurers seeking more affordable treatment options for their enrollees.</p><p>For the next case study in the Commonwealth Fund series <em>Frugal Innovations in Health Care Delivery, </em>Andrea Taylor and colleagues examine Narayana Health, which combines innovative technology with a highly efficient delivery system to produce treatment outcomes on par with those in the United States — but at a fraction of the cost.</p>
<p>The authors also report on the expansion of the model to the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman. With the availability of good, low-cost specialty care just a few hours away from the U.S. mainland, they say the new location presents “an alternative to U.S.-based care that could, over time, force health systems to reduce prices or risk losing market share.”</p> Read more