CBO Score on the Revised Senate Bill: 50 Million Americans Uninsured by 2026, Sharp Increases in Premiums and Deductibles

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<p>This week the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its report on the impact of the revised Better Care Reconciliation Act, the Senate bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. In a new post on <em>To the Point,</em> the Commonwealth Fund’s Sara Collins explains that the CBO score indicates that the changes to the original bill make no difference in the number of people who would lose insurance — 22 million — or pay more for health care.  </p><p>The CBO did not analyze the most controversial change in the revised bill, an amendment modeled on one offered by Senator Cruz that would allow insurers to charge people more on the basis of their health. That amendment is likely to lead to widespread loss of insurance.</p>
<p>Senate Republicans now have several versions of ACA repeal and replace bills that they may bring to a vote next week,” Collins writes. “It is unclear which bill they will choose to vote on. But it’s clear that each bill has the same bottom-line result: coverage losses for millions of Americans and a heavy toll on many low- and middle-income people’s personal budgets.”  </p>

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