Celebrating 50 Years of Medicare and Medicaid

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<p>Fifty years ago today, President Lyndon Johnson signed the law creating Medicare, the first comprehensive government-supported health insurance program for older Americans, and Medicaid, which provided basic coverage for very low-income children and their parents. In the half-century since this groundbreaking legislation passed, the health and longevity of Americans has dramatically improved, and both programs have evolved to better meet beneficiaries’ needs. </p><p>To mark the anniversary, The Commonwealth Fund invites you to read:</p>
<li>The <a href="/publications/publication/2015/jul/medicare-50-years-e-book">e-book</a> <em>Medicare at 50 Years</em>, available online or as a download for your e-reader, which examines Medicare over the years and presents policy options for meeting the program’s key challenges</li>
<li>An ongoing <a href="/~/media/15ac1d4f673748a8b9a9fbf999dbe9af.ashx">blog series</a> analyzing how Medicaid has transformed from a welfare program to a source of health coverage for millions</li>
<li><em>Does Medicaid Make a Difference?</em>, an <a href="/publications/issue-briefs/2015/jun/does-medicaid-make-difference">issue brief</a> exploring findings from the 2014 Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey</li>
<li>An <a href="/~/media/523d48ff97b148c5b63d4818d827b324.ashx">interactive map</a> that shows Medicaid’s expansion status in each state and highlights the impact of not expanding eligibility. </li>

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