Chartbook Offers Picture of Retiree Health Coverage in the U.S.

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<p>A <a href="/cnlib/pub/enews_clickthrough.htm?enews_item_id=29214&return_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ecommonwealthfund%2Eorg%2Fpublications%2Fpublications%5Fshow%2Ehtm%3Fdoc%5Fid%3D510598%26%23doc510598">chartbook</a> released today by The Commonwealth Fund and the Center for Studying Health System Change offers a window into the state of retiree health coverage in the U.S. Based on findings from a survey of employee benefit managers in public and private firms that offer health benefits to retired workers, this resource provides answers to such questions as:<ul><li>What percentage of U.S. companies offer retiree health benefits?</li><li>How have private and public employers responded to enactment of Medicare's Part D prescription drug benefit?</li><li>How does the size of plan deductibles vary among Medicare-age retirees?</li><li>Do employers plan to continue offering the same level of retiree coverage in the future?</li><li>What percentage of firms are planning to increase retired workers' share of insurance premiums?</li></ul><br>The chartbook is available for free download in either PowerPoint or PDF format. You can also browse charts and create your own PowerPoint presentation through <a href="/chartcart/">ChartCart</a>.</p>