Come See The Commonwealth Fund's New Website and Logo

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<p>To allow our audience to more fully experience all that The Commonwealth Fund has to offer, we've launched a new website.</p>
<p>The redesigned site is responsive, so whether you're checking out our resources on health care reform, learning what our latest international survey found, or offering your ideas on health care breakthroughs, you'll find the display easy to read and use on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone. And a new layout and more sophisticated search function make finding all of our publications, charts, interactives, infographics, and videos simple.</p>
<p>We've also refreshed our logo so it's better suited for digital media. Visit our <a href="/~/media/8226eeb33a6c43b1a6757acf19da6939.ashx">Newsroom</a> to download the new logo for all your uses.</p>
<p>The work of The Commonwealth Fund hasn't changed: Our mission is to promote a high-performing health care system that achieves better access, quality, and efficiency for all. As we continue to make improvements to <a href=""></a> over the next month, we encourage you to share your feedback with us by sending an email to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>.</p&gt;
<p>If you're not a subscriber, please <a href="/~/media/2b65676816e949fa979be38924da59a2.ashx">sign up</a> for our e-alerts or follow us on <a href="; target="_blank">Twitter</a> or <a href="; target="_blank">Facebook</a>.</p>