The Commonwealth Fund's 2012 Annual Report Is Now Online

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<p>The Commonwealth Fund's <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=79153863F00C483CB99463E94DB304B3&_z=z">2012 Annual Report</a> is now available online. Inside you can read about the range of initiatives supported by The Commonwealth Fund in the areas of: </p><ul>
<li>Delivery system innovation and improvement </li>
<li>Health reform policy </li>
<li>Health system performance assessment and tracking </li>
<li>International health policy and innovation. </li>
<p>Other highlights include:</p>
<li><strong>President's Message.</strong> In her essay, "<a href="/publications/publication/2012/dec/2012-annual-report-presidents-message-health-care-reform-journey">Health Care Reform: A Journey</a>," Commonwealth Fund president Karen Davis, who is stepping down at the end of the year, reflects on the Fund’s efforts during her tenure to help improve U.S. health system performance. To Davis, the Affordable Care Act, in many ways, is the fruition of work that the Fund and its partners have conducted over the past two decades.</li>
<li><strong>EVP–COO’s Report.</strong> John E. Craig, Jr., the Fund’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, reports on the current status of archiving in the U.S. foundation sector and recommends ways to improve policies and practices in an area that is too often overlooked. His essay, "<a href="/publications/publication/2012/dec/archives-us-foundations-endangered-species">The Archives of U.S. Foundations: An Endangered Species</a>," draws from 2012 survey data on the 300 largest U.S. foundations. </li>
<p>Visit <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=79153863F00C483CB99463E94DB304B3&_z=z"></a> to read the 2012 Annual Report. </p>