A Community-Based Social Support Program for Seniors

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<p>For many older adults, loneliness and isolation can take a devastating physical and emotional toll, often compromising the ability to lead full, independent lives. For our new <em>Profiles in Health Care Innovation</em> series, Commonwealth Fund researchers highlight a promising program that leverages technology and intergenerational social interaction to enable seniors to maximize their well-being and stay engaged with their community.</p><p>Developed by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s David Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation, the program, called linkAges, includes such features as a community-based network that allows members to exchange needed services, as well as a passive in-home monitoring system that detects changes in physical and social health status based on utility usage.</p>
<p>The program, currently being tested in several California communities, may offer a way for health care systems to improve participants’ quality of life while reducing unnecessary health service use.</p>

http://www.commonwealthfund.org/publications/newsletters/ealerts/2015/sep/a-community-based-social-support-program-for-seniors Read the profile