Is Consensus Emerging on Medicare Physician Payment Reform?

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<p>Last month, the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee released a discussion draft of a bill to reform the way health care providers are paid by Medicare. In a new blog post, Stuart Guterman, vice president for Medicare and Cost Control at The Commonwealth Fund, writes that this document is just the latest indicator that <a href="/blog/2013/emerging-consensus-medicare-physician-payment-reform-golden-opportunity">agreement is within reach</a> on this crucial issue, as an important step toward improved health system performance. </p><p>Guterman finds evidence of growing momentum for payment reform in the similar sets of recommendations recently offered by a diverse array of organizations, and unanimous approval of a plan by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. All these proposals call for repeal of the existing fee-for-service payment formula and its replacement with payment systems that encourage and support high-value health care. </p>
<p>Visit <a href="/blog/2013/emerging-consensus-medicare-physician-payment-reform-golden-opportunity">The Commonwealth Fund Blog</a> for the complete post.</p>