Data Resources from The Commonwealth Fund

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<p>We invite you to take advantage of new data resources on the Commonwealth Fund's Web site:
<ul><br /><li><a href="/chartcart/">ChartCart,</a> which offers convenient access to the latest findings from Commonwealth Fund research and surveys. You can browse charts by topic, and create a collection to download and use in your own work;</li><li><a href="/snapshots/">Performance Snapshots,</a> which tell the story of the health system's successes and shortfalls, and identify opportunities to improve;</li><li><a href="/statescorecard/">State Scorecard,</a> an interactive U.S. map showing how well states perform on a number of indicators of health system performance, and estimating the number of lives and dollars states could save by achieving benchmark performance levels.</li></ul><br />We hope that you find these resources useful. As with all Fund work, they are freely available to all users. We appreciate and welcome your <a href="mailto:[email protected]">feedback.</a></p&gt;