David Blumenthal Testifies at Senate Hearing on the ACA at Five Years

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<p>“At the five-year mark, there is strong evidence that the Affordable Care Act has resulted in gains in coverage, affordability, and access to health care services,” testified Commonwealth Fund President David Blumenthal, M.D., at a Senate Finance Committee hearing this morning.</p><p>In total, more than 25 million people are estimated to have health insurance under the various provisions of the ACA, said Blumenthal. Citing Commonwealth Fund survey research, he noted that three-quarters of the newly insured were satisfied with their private plan or Medicaid coverage, and that marketplace plans “appear to be relatively affordable.”</p>
<p>Meanwhile, a number of the ACA’s reforms to health care delivery and payment “are quickly gathering momentum” and “have the potential to dramatically improve the value of health services received by patients.”</p>
<p>Blumenthal cautioned that additional studies and evaluations “will be necessary to paint a fuller picture of the law’s impact on Americans and their health care system.”</p>

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