The Digital Health Revolution

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<p>Digital technologies have transformed nearly every aspect of our lives. But for many of us, they haven’t yet improved the way we receive or participate in our health care.</p><p>As Martha Hostetter, Sarah Klein, and Douglas McCarthy explore in a new multimedia essay, that's changing with the arrival of new digital tools, from mobile apps and data-driven software solutions to wearable sensors that transmit information to a patient’s team of health care providers. </p>
<p>Together, these tools have the potential to help the U.S. health care system achieve five important goals:</p>
<li>helping patients become more engaged in their own care </li>
<li>closing communication gaps </li>
<li>identifying patients' needs and tailoring services to meet them </li>
<li>enabling consumers to get care in convenient, cost-effective ways </li>
<li>improving decision-making by consumers and providers.</li>
<p>Learn more about these tools—and how we can leverage them to make care more efficient and more responsive to patients’ needs.</p> Read the essay