Disclose: But Do It Right

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<p>This week saw a historical first: the future president’s personal health became a major issue and, all of a sudden, physicians were thrust into roles that looked uncomfortably like campaign surrogates. In an op-ed published in yesterday’s <em>New York Daily News</em>, Commonwealth Fund President David Blumenthal, M.D., and Brown University’s James A. Morone consider the media coverage of Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia and Donald Trump’s <em>Dr. Oz </em>appearance in the context of the health, or sickness, of recent presidents.</p><p>Following this election, they propose a congressional commission on presidential health to consider what constitutes appropriate disclosure by candidates for the presidency. Blumenthal and Morone also suggest that the commission or a separate panel review the candidates’ disclosures and interpret them for the media and the public. </p>

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