Find Out What Would Happen If Health Care in Your State Improved

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A new <a href="/~/media/750a73083e5b4509aadab6ac3327b4a4.ashx">interactive tool</a> on shows the health care gains your state could achieve by improving its performance on measures of access, quality, and health outcomes, as well as the potential losses if your state failed to sustain its performance. The tool draws on data from the <a href="/publications/fund-reports/2014/apr/aiming-higher-results-scorecard-state-health-system-performance">2014 Commonwealth Fund Scorecard on State Health System Performance</a>. </p><p>Use the tool's slider to see how many people would benefit if your state reached the higher levels of performance already achieved elsewhere—and even beyond the best state's performance. You can assess the impact of improvement on key measures, such as how many more residents would gain insurance coverage and how many fewer 30-day hospital readmissions Medicare beneficiaries would experience. </p>
<p>Give the tool a try now to see how better access and quality can help the residents of your state, and be sure to share it with colleagues.</p>