Finding Coverage in the Insurance Marketplaces

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<p>More than 7 million people found health coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces during the open enrollment period that ended on Monday. In a <a href="/publications/video/2014/mar/finding-coverage-health-insurance-marketplaces">new video</a> in our <em>Health Reform & You</em> series, small-business owners from Indianapolis share their story of finding affordable coverage. </p><p>Sara Collins, who heads The Commonwealth Fund’s Health Care Coverage and Access Program, puts their success into context: she cites evidence from 10 years of Fund surveys showing that "people who lack insurance have dramatically different life experiences than people who have been insured all their lives." </p>
<p>Watch the video on <a href="/publications/video/2014/mar/finding-coverage-health-insurance-marketplaces"></a> and share it with your friends and colleagues. </p>