Follow State Exchange Activity with Our Interactive Map

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<p>The state health insurance exchanges being created under The Affordable Care Act will soon provide affordable coverage to millions of Americans. The federal government and states are now moving quickly to set up these exchanges in time for their launch in 2014. </p><p>The Commonwealth Fund's <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=12838A3B138F456D8AC955E4202C70E6&_z=z">new interactive map</a> allows you to follow states' progress in establishing health insurance exchanges. The map shows where states are in the continuum of establishing exchanges and provides detail about key exchange provisions in those states that have already passed exchange laws or issued executive orders. The map draws on Commonwealth Fund analysis and research by George Washington University's Sara Rosenbaum, Nancy Lopez, Taylor Burke, and Mark Dorley. </p>
<p>For more analysis, see the recent Issue Brief, <a href="/publications/issue-briefs/2012/jul/state-health-insurance-exchange-laws-first-generation">State Health Insurance Exchange Laws: The First Generation</a>, by Rosenbaum and colleagues. </p>