Helping Health Plans Meet the New Quality Improvement Reporting Standards

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<p>A new <a href="/publications/fund-reports/2012/apr/health-plan-quality-improvement-strategy-reporting-under">Commonwealth Fund report</a> outlines key considerations for implementing new quality improvement reporting requirements for employer group health plans and individual plans, as well as qualified plans offered in the new health insurance exchanges. Under the Affordable Care Act, health plans will need to report on their activities related to improving health outcomes, preventing hospital readmissions, improving patient safety and reducing medical errors, and implementing wellness and health promotion activities. </p><p>Authors Emma Hoo, David Lansky, Joachim Roski, and Lisa Simpson review current health plan assessment methods and provide a framework and recommendations to help identify quality improvement measures and reporting requirements. Also featured in the new report are handy tables that summarize the wide range of possible benefit designs and provider reimbursement approaches, as well as the quality improvement reporting tools that are currently in use. </p>
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