How Germany and the Netherlands Harness Health Care Markets for the Public Interest

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<p>As U.S. policymakers assess options for improving the quality of health care and "bending the cost curve," they might want to look abroad to see how Germany and the Netherlands have already implemented impressive reforms within their multipayer health insurance systems.</p>
<p>In a <a href="/publications/fund-reports/2009/dec/harnessing-health-care-markets-public-interest-insights-us">new report</a>, the Fund's Cathy Schoen and AcademyHealth's David Helms and Amanda Folsom describe the two nations' use of quasi-governmental authorities to achieve the goals of better access, quality, and efficiency in health care. Both the Germans and the Dutch enjoy near-universal coverage provided through a system of competing health plans. To focus competition on access, quality, and value, each country has evolved "rules of the game" and oversight and governance mechanisms for monitoring insurance, payment, and quality information systems. </p>
<p>Read the report to learn more about the insights these two nations can lend to the U.S. health reform debate. <br /></p>