Interactive Tool Sets Targets for State Improvement in Health Care

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<p>Every state has opportunities to improve health care for its residents, according to The Commonwealth Fund’s latest<em> Scorecard on State Health System Performance</em>. But what kinds of benefits could states expect to see for their efforts? To help answer that question, we’ve updated our <a href="/~/media/750a73083e5b4509aadab6ac3327b4a4.ashx">interactive tool</a> illustrating the gains to be made from performing at the level of the leading states on 14 measures of health care access, quality, and outcomes.</p><p>In a new <em>To the Point</em> post, The Commonwealth Fund’s David Radley, Douglas McCarthy, and Susan Hayes show how states can use the tool to help achieve their goals. For example, by seeing the gains made in states that have already expanded Medicaid, policymakers in Georgia or another nonexpansion state can calculate the improvements in insurance coverage and access to care that are within their reach. </p> Read the post