IOM Report Endorses Pay-for-Performance

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<p>A new Institute of Medicine (IOM) report has called for a comprehensive system to measure and report on the performance of health care providers and organizations.<br><br>The report, <a href="">Performance Measurement: Accelerating Improvement,</a> suggests that Congress create a new board within the Department of Health and Human Services to oversee the development of standardized performance measures and monitor health care improvement.<bR><br>Commonwealth Fund president Karen Davis, Ph.D., and Fund board chairman Samuel O. Thier, M.D., are both members of the IOM committee on performance measures that issued the report. The committee was established in response to two congressional mandates in the Medicare prescription drug law.<br><br>This report is the first of three the committee is creating for Congress, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and other public and private purchasers on strategies for accelerating quality improvement efforts in the United States.</p>