Join a Live Web Conference on Parental Depression

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<p>Major depression affects one in 10 mothers and one in 20 fathers throughout the childrearing years. Pediatric health providers--often the clinicians who have the most contact with a parent during his or her child's early years--can help parents and children by detecting and intervening in parental depression.<br><br>A new Commonwealth Fund-supported Web conference, "Screening for Maternal Depression: An Opportunity for Providers of Pediatric Healthcare," will be streamed live on Medscape today, October 26, from 2-3 p.m.<br><br>This CME/CE event will feature Ardis Olson, M.D., and Allen Dietrich, M.D., both of Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Olson is Professor of Pediatrics and of Community and Family Medicine, and Dr. Dietrich is Professor of Community and Family Medicine and Co-Chair of the MacArthur Foundation Initiative on Depression and Primary Care.<br><br>Please visit Medscape at <a href="">…; at 1:55 p.m. to connect to the Web conference. You will be able to see and hear the presentations online, as well as submit questions to the speakers as they present. A webcast of the event will be archived on Medscape for one year. For a list of screening tools Dr. Olson will discuss during the conference, visit the <a href="/cnlib/pub/enews_clickthrough.htm?enews_item_id=25012&return_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ecmwf%2Eorg%2Ftopics%2Ftopics%5Fshow%2Ehtm%3Fdoc%5Fid%3D416724%26%23doc416724">Fund Web site.</a><br><br>This Web conference is the third in a series of Fund-supported webcasts on screening in child health care settings. The previous event, "Child Behavior Screening in Primary Care," is available for continuing medical education credit on <a href="">Medscape</a&gt;. The first webcast, "Child Development: The Science and Practice of Catching Problems Early," is archived on the <a href="/cnlib/pub/enews_clickthrough.htm?enews_item_id=25013&return_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ecmwf%2Eorg%2Ftools%2Ftools%5Fshow%2Ehtm%3Fdoc%5Fid%3D387088%26%23doc387088">Fund Web site.</a></p>