Karen Davis Reflects on the 90th Anniversary of The Commonwealth Fund

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<p>The 90th anniversary of The Commonwealth Fund serves as an occasion to reflect on the foundation's remarkable history and its role in supporting research and innovative practices that have driven improvements in the U.S. health care system for nearly a century. The Fund's work has always focused on the challenges vulnerable populations face in receiving high-quality, safe, compassionate, coordinated, and efficiently delivered care.<br><br>In a <a href="/aboutus/aboutus_show.htm?doc_id=752761">new column,</a> Commonwealth Fund president Karen Davis looks back at many of the foundation's accomplishments since 1918. Early highlights include the first fellowships in child psychiatry, the rural hospitals program, funding for the research that led to the Pap test for cervical cancer, and more.<br><br>Today, Davis says, the foundation--along with the Commission on a High Performance Health System, which was established by the Fund in 2005--is a leading voice for reforming the U.S. health care system to achieve coverage for all, at reasonable cost, and with services that are coordinated, patient-centered, and efficiently delivered.<br><br>Also available are <a href="/usr_doc/site_docs/slideshows/CWF90Anniversary/CommonwealthFund90.html">slide shows</a> celebrating the Fund's anniversary and marking the centennial of <a href="/usr_doc/site_docs/slideshows/HarknessHouse/HarknessHouse.html">Harkness House,</a> the Fund's headquarters in New York.</p>