Karen Davis: There Is a Better Way

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<p>The last time health care reform was on the national agenda, a fictional couple named Harry and Louise helped ensure its demise with the refrain, "There has to be a better way." Today, Harry and Louise might very well be among the 47 million uninsured Americans who are struggling to pay for needed medical care.<br><br>In her new Web column, <a href="/aboutus/aboutus_show.htm?doc_id=649326">A Prescription for Our Nation's Ailing Health Care System</a>, Commonwealth Fund president Karen Davis says there is indeed a better way. She considers the experiences of another fictional couple--Angela and Martin--not in today's health care system, but in a high performance health system of the near future.<br><br>Readers who would like to provide feedback on this column can take advantage of the new commenting feature on the Fund's Web site by clicking on the "Submit a Comment" button on the Web page.</p>