Latest Survey Findings on ACA Coverage Gains, Plan Satisfaction, and Access to Care

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Eighty-six percent of people who are currently insured through Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace plans or newly covered by Medicaid are very or somewhat satisfied with their new coverage, a new survey finds. Nearly seven of 10 adults with new coverage have used it to get health care; many said they previously wouldn’t have been able to afford that care.<br /><br />
Fielded between March and May of 2015, The Commonwealth Fund’s third Affordable Care Act Tracking Survey monitors how working-age adults who have marketplace or Medicaid coverage through the ACA are using their new insurance to get health care. It also asks people how they view their health plan and physicians. Visit our <a href="/acaTrackingSurvey/index.html" target="_blank">ACA Tracking Survey page</a> to see visualizations of the survey data over time.<br />
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“The Affordable Care Act’s coverage expansions have been in place for nearly 18 months, and indications are that the newly insured are pleased with their coverage and are using it to get needed health care,” said Commonwealth Fund President David Blumenthal, M.D. Read more