Of Leaders and Geeks: The Need for Integration

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<p>We all live with stereotypes, and here is one of the most powerful: We have leaders and we have geeks. Leaders change history. They don’t need to understand technology, because they have geeks who spend their days coding, wiring, and rushing to help impatient leaders when systems are down. </p><p>In his <a href="/blog/2014/leaders-and-geeks">latest blog post</a>, Commonwealth Fund President David Blumenthal, M.D., writes that while this breakdown of roles is exaggerated, leaders in health care and other areas sometimes take a kind of perverse pride in their ignorance of information technology, despite its role in quality, efficiency, reliability, safety, and value.  </p>
<p>“Today’s and tomorrow’s successful leaders do not need to be technologists, but they do have to own technology policy and problems in a way few do right now,” Dr. Blumenthal says. </p>
<p>Read the complete post on <a href="/blog/2014/leaders-and-geeks">The Commonwealth Fund Blog</a>.</p>