Managing Chronic Disease: There's an App for That

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<p>By providing a fast and easy way for patients and providers to communicate key health information, new mobile device applications have the potential to improve outcomes and control costs for people with chronic disease and other health conditions. </p><p>As explained in a new <a href="/publications/issue-briefs/2013/nov/clinical-management-apps-creating-partnerships-between-providers">Commonwealth Fund issue brief</a> by Sharon Silow-Carroll and Barbara Smith, clinical management apps—such as those that allow access to electronic health records or help monitor blood pressure or blood sugar—may be especially useful to members of low-income and minority communities. Not only are these individuals disproportionately affected by chronic illness, but they often face serious barriers to accessing care and managing their conditions. </p>
<p>Focusing on diabetes and asthma management apps, the authors show how these promising tools work in practice, report on early impact data, and discuss the hurdles to the further development and spread of this technology. Read more on <a href="/publications/issue-briefs/2013/nov/clinical-management-apps-creating-partnerships-between-providers"></a> </p>