Meeting the Needs of Patients: A Podcast and Two Case Studies

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<p>Because the U.S. health system is complex and fragmented, physicians find it difficult at times to put the needs of patients first. But some health care practices deliver patient-centered care despite the odds. In the first edition of <a href="/podcasts/">New Directions in Health Care: The Commonwealth Fund Podcast</a>, producer Sandy Hausman visits the Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group in Racine, Wisconsin, where staff are dedicated to exceptional patient service as well as superior clinical quality.<br><br><a href="/innovations/innovations_show.htm?doc_id=685816">Wheaton Franciscan</a> and the <a href="/innovations/innovations_show.htm?doc_id=686452">Cardinal Primary Care Medical Group</a> in California are the subjects of two associated case studies prepared by Dale Shaller and Susan Edgman-Levitan. These are the first in a series of 12 case studies of primary care practices that scored highly on patient experience surveys.<br><br>The Commonwealth Fund will be releasing episodes of <a href="/podcasts/">New Directions in Health Care</a> on a regular basis. These brief audio reports will help bring the work of the Fund's programs to life. To listen to an episode, press the play button on our online podcast player or download the MP3 to your computer or portable media player.<br><br>We welcome your feedback. Please write to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>.</p&gt;